habilidades parentales

The family unit is one of the most important socialization and learning environments for any individual. Thus, forming part of a stable and secure family is crucial for the healthy development of each family member.

familia en crisisTherefore, in order to achieve this goal, effort and perseverance is required by each and every family member, and this is not always easy.

Family dynamics are usually quite complicated. Within any family there is often a clash of personalities/characters between very similar people who completely fail to understand each other. There is also often a difference of needs and desires among family members.

Sometimes these differences lead to bitter arguments and misunderstandings. These situations can become deeply rooted and small, everyday problems can turn into authentic wars.

Do you feel as if your family is stuck in a cycle of misunderstanding, arguments and/or a lack of communication? If it seems as if you can no longer control your children (and you do not know when this happened), or if you feel as if you cannot spend quality time with your family without arguing; then Family Therapy may be able to help you.

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