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When I first moved to Madrid, I realized that there were many English-speaking people who had settled down and were living with their partners. A lot of these couples are formed by a Spanish person and an English-speaker, and some of them are formed by two English-speakers.

I understand the potential communication problems that can arise in these kinds of relationships. For example, there may be problems due to culture differences and traditions, or from the language itself.

As I am fluent in both languages and specialise in intercultural couples councelling,  I am offering Couples Therapy in English so that you are able to comfortably express yourself in your native tongue.

How do I work?

The first session of Couples Therapy  will be offered at a reduced price (see rates) so that you can get to know me without any commitment. This introductory session will allow me to make an initial assessment of your problems as well as address which is your main language of communication.

After the first joint session I will ask to see you the following week in order to continue contextualizing the reason for your consultation, to continue assessing your relationship dynamics and to establish a series of defined goals to help you stay the course of the therapy.

In order to continue understanding what each one has contributed and contributes to the relationship we will also have individual sessions. This allows me to give the same importance to the different dimensions of the relationship; individual and relational.

After these initial sessions I will be able to make a good assessment of the case, which in turn allows me to make effective interventions which are tailored to each of you and to the relationship as a whole.

Terapia de Pareja

Once the initial assessment has been made, the dynamic of Couples Therapy  becomes more flexible, sometimes we will see each other every 15 days for an hour and a half. For therapeutic reasons, I may ask to have individual sessions to work on specific things that are directly affecting the relationship.

This way of working is effective because making changes in one or more aspects of the relationship triggers changes in others. These changes will even have positive effects on your children, if you have them.

RememberRomantic relationships are composed of three parts: you, your partner (with your respective life stories) and the relationship that you have built together.

We can not change or erase the past, but we can stop suffering for it.

Sex therapy

Sex therapy is a means of ”refinding” yourselves as a couple through the rediscovery of our sexual needs, fantasies and desires. It’s one more way to get to know the partner with whom you are sharing your life.

Sex is an important part of any romantic relationship. So, if you are experiencing any difficulties in this area, or if you no longer enjoy these moments of intimacy, then sex therapy can help you to resolve these problems and to continue enjoying each and every aspect of your relationship.

We can not change or erase the past, but we can stop suffering for it.

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